Getting away

Some of the greatest times to grow close to God are those moments when you need to get away and have moments to "be still and know."  At CYE, one way that we want to encourage these spiritual growth moments is by having retreats.

At retreats, there are more opportunities to grow close to others, share experiences, and encounter God in ways that are more difficult larger camp weeks.  The group is typically smaller, there is more free time, and who doesn't connect around a campfire roasting marshmallows?!

There is singing, teaching, and many opportunities to grow closer to God on a weekend out at camp!  The cost is $40 for the weekend and they'd love to have you!

Spring Retreat 2019:
Senior High Retreat for ages 15-college, mid-April 2019 ( Exact date will be posted later)

Fall Retreat 2019:
Junior/Junior High Retreat for ages 8-14, October 18 - 20, 2019

You can make sure you don't miss a retreat by keeping up with the camp calendar.